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United Nations slams Government over demo crackdowns

By Marshall Bwanya United Nations (UN) has castigated Zimbabwe’s government for the wanton clampdown of MDC’s demonstrations as unconstitutional violations of human rights. The opposition’s protests...

Stakeholders engage parliamentary committee on proposed media bill 

By Marshall Bwanya Media Stakeholders today in Harare engaged the parliamentary committee on media and broadcasting about the new proposed Freedom information bill that...

Mnangagwa reengagement dent as international community condemns violent clampdown

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa's reengagement drive suffered a heavy knock on Friday after his 'targeted' constituents gave his administration a chilling thumbs down on its...

Mnangagwa worse than Mugabe: Chamisa

By Marshall Bwanya MDC opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa has labelled President Emerson Mnangagwa as an intolerant, undemocratic and ruthless leader worse than his predecessor Robert...

MDC ‘disown’ protestors

By Marshall Bwanya Chamisa's led MDC leadership deserted today's scheduled demonstration following High Court's ruling barring the opposition's urgent application appealing to proceed with the...
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