Hichilema Plans To Redistribute Land

Zambia’s new President Hakainde Hichilema has hinted at embarking on land reform.

Land reform is understood as taking farms from white commercial farmers and giving it to black indigenous locals.

The same happened at Zambia’s neighbour, Zimbabwe, at the turn of the millennium.

Most of the white farmers chased away by the former Robert Mugabe administration during that time went to settle in Zambia.

Since then, Zimbabwe has been begging for food from Zambia, South Africa and other neighbouring countries.

Hichilema announced his planned land reform through his Twitter account at the weekend.

The fresh Zambian President said land reform would be the only answer to black economic empowerment.

“We cannot think of joint ventures if we don’t give Zambians land to use as leverage for negotiations with foreign capital. Land reforms is on my priority list,” he posted.