WATCH| Private School Teacher’s Brutal Attack On Student Shocks Zimbabweans

A brutal attack by a teacher at a private school in Harare on one of his students has shocked Zimbabweans online. This comes after a video of the brutal attack was leaked online on social media platforms.

In the video, which seems to start just after the attack begins, the teacher appears to have gone into a rampage as he wrestles the student to the floor. He then accuses the student of disrespecting him and headbutts him several times.

As other students call on the teacher to show restraint, he starts viciously beating up the alleged errant student using his open palms and a leather belt. It is not yet clear who recorded the video and who posted it online. There is also no context as to what may have led to the teacher losing control to such an extent.

According to social media sleuths, the brutal attack occurred at the Harare Einstein Tuition Centre.