Disappointed Fans Slam ZIFA, Warriors

The Warriors now reflect poor state of football in the country and there was need for some urgent interventions to rescue the national game, former Zimbabwe international defender, David Kutyauripo, has said.

“I think everyone is not happy in Zimbabwe, even those guys who are in the diaspora, they were watching this game, they are not happy with the performance,’’ said Kutyauripo.

“The Ghanaians were here before us, we are the owners of the country but we are the second ones to get into the country, to my surprise. 

“They are letting the nation down, even the players, maybe, they don’t have
confidence with the leaders who are there, at the moment, that’s why we are seeing
this pathetic performance from the guys.”

He said he didn’t understand how a team, which showed a lot of promise, in the
reverse encounter in Ghana, despite losing 1-3, could fall so flat, in just a matter of

Kutyauripo suggested that in the last two games, it’s better to bring in local guys, who can convince Norman Mapeza to go with those guys to the Africa Cup of
Nations in 2022.

His fellow pundit, former Young Warriors captain, Vusi Laher, also expressed his

“Disappointing…we are not teaching them (ZIFA) what to do, in terms of how football should be run, but we are preaching to them to start being organised, from the top to the bottom,” he said. -NewsDay