Farmers Deliver Wheat Worth $1. 5 Billion In Two Weeks

Wheat worth $1. 5 billion dollars has been delivered to the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) since harvesting of the strategic crop began two weeks ago with 225 million Zimbabwe dollars having been paid to be farmers so far, ZBC has revealed.

Farmers are delivering an average of one thousand five hundred (1500) metric tonnes of wheat to the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) per day, translating to a total of 25 thousand 251 metric tonnes within two weeks, said Rockie Mutenha, GMB Chief Executive Officer.

Meanwhile, the GMB has acquired state of the art wheat grading machines that are expected to ensure intake of a quality crop.

The country consumes four hundred thousand (400 000) metric tonnes of wheat per annum and three hundred thousand (300 000) metric tonnes are expected to be delivered this year as compared to 161 thousand 432 metric tonnes received last year.