Chipinge Women Petition Govt Over Evictions And Land Grabbing

Thousands of women from Chipinge have come hard on the forced removal of locals living on customary land, especially women and children by the Chipinge Rural District Council to pave way for Green Fuel sugar plantations, NewsDay can exclusively report.

In a community declaration presented to Lands minister Anxious Masuka in Harare yesterday, the women demanded an immediate stop to forced removal of locals living on customary land.

The said the discovery of minerals must not lead to arbitrary eviction of land rights holders by ALROSA mining companies.

The declaration part reads: “ allocation must prioritise locals, especially women rather than foreigners. That men and women must enjoy the same land rights.”

The women also demanded a review of investment policies that promote ‘land grabbing’ at the expense of the needs of local farmers.

The community declaration was conceived when the Rural Women of Chipinge in Zimbabwe with support from Platform for Youth and Community Development and Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies  met in Checheche on October 5, 2021.