Govt Instructs Universities & Colleges To Turn Away Unvaccinated Students

All tertiary institutions in Zimbabwe have been instructed by the government to turn away unvaccinated students to quell the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, Chronicles can reveal.

The development was revealed by Secretary for Higher Education, Professor Fanuel Tagwira in an interview with ZTN.

“You cannot enter without a vaccination card, even companies are not allowing people to come in without vaccination cards. I don’t know why people think the universities should take unvaccinated people the risk is to the lecture.

“So, what we are basically saying is that, get vaccinated, then bring the letter. But we can’t have a person say I don’t want to be vaccinated and I want to come to class. Then you are actually spreading the risk to other people,” Tagwirei said.

While the government insists that getting vaccinated against Covid-19 is not mandatory, there has been an increased restriction of access to spaces by unvaccinated people, such as workplaces and places of learning.