Condom Use Drops Dramatically In Zvishavane During Lockdown


Condom Use Drops Dramatically In Zvishavane During Lockdown

Zvishavane – According to a National Aids Council official, condom use has dropped drastically in Zvishavane during the lockdown time frame with individuals being limited from moving from their homes

NAC District organizer Dennis Jaravani disclosed to The Mirror that the drop in utilization could be because of the appropriation framework that has been disturbed.

He said that the stellar condom conveyance framework depends on open spots for dissemination. The uncertain closure of shops, bars, clubs, and other open places that permitted the smooth progression of condoms was a significant contributory factor.

He, be that as it may, didn’t give figures on the old and new utilization levels. Jaravani said that his association was re-strategizing and they were presently using walk-ins at general health institutions and furthermore getting the help of sex workers and Condom Champions (Health Promoters) to convey condoms.

Measurements from a UK-based cause association, Avert, show that the accessibility and dissemination of condoms in Zimbabwe are truly outstanding in Africa, with 120 million male condoms and 5.3 million female condoms dispersed yearly.

This equates to 33 male condoms for every man every year, making Zimbabwe one of just five nations to meet or surpass the United Nations Population Fund’s territorial benchmark of 30 male condoms for every man every year.

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