6 Year Old Zimbabwean Girl Found Dead In South Africa


6 Year Old Zimbabwean Girl Found Dead In South Africa

Capetown – In an overwhelming episode that has since left the nation in stun, a 6-year-old young lady, identified as Alexia Nyamadzawo, who had been reported to be missing after her abduction has been discovered dead in South Africa.

Alexia Nyamadzawo
                                   The late Alexia Nyamadzawo

The Umhlali Preparatory School grade one student’s cadaver was found dumped in the sugarcane field after police propelled a pursuit. The pursuit had entered its third day before the police made the deplorable revelation. In a meeting with a local newspaper, Police representative Brigadier Jay Naiker affirmed the turn of events and stated,

 ‘Detectives enlisted the services of the Umhlali Search and Rescue Unit to assist in the search for the missing girl. Following an arduous operation, the body of the missing child was located in a sugarcane field in Riet Valley.We treat all crimes against women and children very seriously and were extremely concerned when allegations of kidnapping surfaced. We are disappointed that we could not find the missing girl alive, however, we will do everything that is within our control to ensure that the perpetrator is brought to book,The mother of the child reported to police that she was travelling on the Glendale Road near Shayamoya with her two children, aged 6 and 14, when the kidnapping occurred,’ he said.

The young lady’s mom told the police that when she moved toward a hindrance, an obscure man opened the door of her vehicle and mightily took her little girl, who was sleeping right at the back seat. She fled the scene and announced the issue to the police.

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