Savior Kasukuwere’s Farm Grabbed By War Vets As He Runs To Court


Savior Kasukuwere’s Farm Grabbed By War Vets As He Runs To Court

Harare – In a sensational unforeseen development, an ousted former cabinet minister, Savior Kasukuwere, has wound up in a tight spot after the war veterans grabbed his Mazoe farm as they resumed with the operations including producing orange juice.

The ‘heartbroken’ ex-Zanu PF high ranking official said he was unable to stand up to the trespassers who incorporate an Efanos Mudzimunyi, Kudakwashe Moyana, Kenneth Mudzimunyi, and Akim Mudzimunyi.

In his court application, Kasukuwere said he gambled losing his US$2 million capital he invested on his Cornucopia Farm in Mazowe.

 “Between then and now, I personally and through the farm, made a significant investment on the farm totaling upwards of US$2 million,” he claimed in his court papers.

 “My intention has always been to develop the farm and to this end, made long term investments thereon. I’m currently conducting operations on the farm.

“Unexpectedly and on May 6, 2020, the respondents came and invaded the farm.

“They have forcibly settled on the farm. They resisted the security personnel on the farm and threatened my farmworkers with unspecified action as well as violence.

“They have brought some property on the farm and have started to invade my fields and reaping my crops,” he added.

“The actions of the respondents are unlawful. The law cannot countenance their actions. I, therefore, seek a spoliation order against the respondents.

“I also seek an order restoring the status quo ante that is restoration of the possession of the farm to myself and my farm.

“I also seek an order of costs on an attorney and client scale. The respondents have unnecessarily put me out of pocket. They have invaded my farm interfered with my operations and have cost me money.”

In the interim, his legal counselors have said the issue ought to be heard urgently or their client risked tremendous misfortune.

The case is yet to be heard in the short run.

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