Pastor Demands Compensation For Lost Revenue From Offerings During Lockdown


Pastor Demands Compensation For Lost Revenue From Offerings During Lockdown

Capetown – In a case that has left the nation in stun, a South African priest has requested remuneration from the government for income lost during the national lockdown when individuals were disallowed from going to attend church services.

The Sunday Times states that the Leader of God’s Church Must Rise, Bishop Bheki Ngcobo, claims the move by the government to perceive houses of worship as fundamental services just on lockdown level 3 has had a negative effect on all churches in general, particularly those who are renting the premises.

Ngcobo claimed that the government ought to repay the churches for the weeks they had to close their entryways and didn’t get revenue as tithes and contributions. Addressing Bongani Bingwa in an interview on 702 on Wednesday 27 May, Ngcobo said

 “We are still going to challenge that in terms of compensating the church. There are churches that already lost their place of worship. They were renting and now they lost it because the [premises] owners want money, lockdown or no lockdown,”

On Tuesday night, President Ramaphosa reported that churches offer fundamental services and would, in this manner, be opened when the nation moved to lockdown level 3 on June 1. When making the declaration, Ramaphosa said services rendered by religious pioneers, including spiritual guiding to singular attendees at their homes, would likewise fall under the essential service class.

 “Why did he only open churches at level 3 when he deemed churches as essential services?”.We were worried that the president opened the alcohol and forgot the church. So we are excited, although we still have a long way to go,” the bishop said.

In any case, Ngcobo deplored the way that chapels and places of worship were have been confined to just 50 believers at some random time. Ramaphosa said one of the prerequisites when chapels opened was for them to have a limit of 50 individuals.

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