Husband Arrested After Killing Wife By Throwing A Cobra Snake At Her


Husband Arrested After Killing Wife By Throwing A Cobra Snake At Her

Kerala – In an overwhelming occurrence, a 27-year-old man, identified as Sooraj, has been arrested in India after purposely letting a cobra snake loose into his wife’s bedroom, prompting her demise after it bites her, Daily Mail has established.

Kerala police department, India, stated records indicated Sooraj, 27, had been in contact with snake handlers and had likewise watched snake recordings on the web. What has further surprised many is the fact that Sooraj first attempted to kill his wife previously with a Viper and failed.

Sooraj and wife during happier times
                                     Sooraj and wife during happier times

According to a police official, Sooraj got hold of a profoundly venomous Russell’s viper in March which bit his better half Uthra and left her in the hospital bed for very nearly two months.

Uthra was all the while recovering at her parents’ home not long ago when Sooraj acquired a cobra from a snake handler and tossed it at his resting spouse.

A police explanation stated: ‘Sooraj remained in the same room as Uthra as though nothing had occurred.

 ‘He was going about his morning routine the next day when he was alerted by Uthra’s mother’s screams.They took her to the hospital where the doctor said she had died’

As indicated by a report, Uthra’s parents began thinking otherwise when Sooraj attempted to secure his spouse’s property only days after her passing.

She was from a wealthy family, yet Sooraj – who worked in a private bank – was not all that wealthy. Police said the marriage had included an enormous settlement involving almost 100 gold coins, a new vehicle, and approximately 500,000 rupees (around $20,000) in US dollar currency.

 “Sooraj feared that divorcing Uthra would mean giving back all the dowry. That’s when he decided to kill her,” said the police.

The couple had a 1-year-old child and the snake handler who provided the snake was also arrested.


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