Beitbrigde Woman Hires Hit-Men To Kill Her Husband


Harare-Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has launched a manhunt for a Beitbridge woman who is currently on the run after allegedly hiring hit-men to kill her husband for suspected ritual purposes, The Chronicle reports.

Police offers are looking for Khathutshelo Moyo after the body of Langton Ribombo (35) of Gwazhule village in Lutumba area under Chief Sitauze was found, half-naked, in a bushy area on Saturday near her home place at Mapolovhela village under Chief Matibe along Beitbridge-Masvingo Road.

When police arrived at the scene later in the afternoon on Saturday, they found struggle imprints on the ground at Ms. Moyo’s homestead.

Further investigations showed blood drops near a water well in the same yard, on stones, and on a hoe handle which was found there.

“The blood-stained hoe handle and stones were recovered together with the pair of black trousers. There was a trail of blood from the water well to the gate and outside. Outside the gate were some tyre marks, where the trace of the blood was last observed,” sources revealed.

According to a police memorandum dated May 22, it is suspected that Langton Ribombo was killed.

The communique reads: “This memorandum serves to put on record the circumstances surrounding a murder case, which occurred on May 19, 2020, at Khathutshelo Moyo’s homestead Mapolovhela Village, Chief Matibe, Beitbridge.”

Police also found an abandoned blood-stained Honda Fit car registered under one Mr Showman Muleya, about 10km away from the murder scene, suggesting Ribombo was curled up into that car.

Ribombo’s brother who dwells in Dulivhadzimu suburb of Beitbridge positively identified the body.

Ribombo’s head was chopped and police suspect a heavy object could have been employed to vehemently hit him repeatedly. His tongue, lower lip, the right eye, and the flesh below the lower jaw were missing.

Ribombo’s uncle Mr. Dumisani Muleya is believed to be the last person to see Rimbobo alive after he dropped him approximately 500 meters away from Ms. Moyo’s homestead on May 19, 2020.

A pair of Rimbobo’s black trousers, as identified by Mr. Muleya, was found near a water well.

Sources are suspecting Ms. Moyo is behind the murder of her husband. They allege that she hired hit-men to kill him.


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