Zimbabwean Graduate Killed In Gruesome Murder,Chopped Into Pieces


Zimbabwean Graduate Killed In Gruesome Murder, Chopped Into Pieces

Gutu – What appeared to be a splendid future for the Zimbabwean Animal Science graduate, 25-year-old Agnes Guni, has become only a nightmare after she was executed in South Africa in an abhorrent homicide and cut into pieces by a grinder before the guilty parties enclosed her by a drapery, Mail and Telegraph has built up from online distribution, Masvingo Mirror.

The late Agnes Guni
                                                             The late Agnes Guni

The shocking episode occurred during a time when she had only migrated to South Africa for greener pastures, as the rate of unemployment and inflation skyrockets among other hardships, which has made a life for every Zimbabwean significantly harder.

Family representative and uncle to the perished, Chrispen Tapedza Guni revealed to The Mirror that the family is broken by the homicide. He portrayed the perished as youthful alumni rising with aspiration and searched for work so she could gain cash to fund her education. The young lady consistently guaranteed her folks a superior life, said the uncle.

“We used to communicate with her but on May 4 she went silent. The following day she did not report at her work place. We waited for the required period so that we can file a missing person report which we later did. Investigations were done and finally police got information that there is a body at one of the mortuaries and on May 14 we positively identified the body. She was cut into pieces using a grinder and her attackers wrapped her body parts with a curtain and dumped it into a dustbin which they dumped in a pavement.

“During investigations tree leaves and the curtain which were used were identified by neighbours leading to the arrest of one Thabani Mtandavari who comes from Gokwe. Mutandavari identified his accomplice who he only identified as Raster. We continued to investigate as a family and our investigations revealed the identity of Raster as Trademore Sithole who had cut his hair and the two are now in police custody. They appeared in court today and will appear again next week” Guni said.

Two Zimbabweans who are key suspects in the grisly homicide showed up in court in Mamelodi today. One of the suspects has been recognized as Thabani Mtandavari from Gokwe and the other one was just named Rasta.

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