Parking Fees Shoot Up


Harare-City Parking, a private company owned by the Harare City Council that is mandated to manage parking in the CBD, has announced that from June 1 motorist parking anywhere in Harare will be paying $20 an hour, double the current charge.

In an interview with The Herald on Wednesday, City Parking public relations officer Mr Francis Mandaza said doubling the parking charges is required to keep their operations afloat in an inflationary environment.

“…the increased operational and administration costs obtaining in the inflationary environment the we can operate in,” he said.

He also revealed that motorist parking in peripheral areas will not be excluded from these new charges. Street parking, casual parkade and car park parking will be paying the same $20 an hour. Contract parking off the street will be charged $40 an hour, and a reversed bay parking will be charged $1 200 per month.

The reviewed parkade tariffs, including value added tax, are as follows; unreserved $1 000, reserved $1 200, new or tag replacement $800 and casual $20 per hour, double the present charge.

A motorist Mr Tashinga Meza told The Herald that new prices are reasonable.

“The new fee is rational considering that City Parking used to charge us $US1 per hour and the proposed $20 is far below that now considering the current inflationary environment. All things being equal for the company to remain sustainable the fee is reasonable,” he said.

“The country is battling the coronavirus pandemic and increasing fees is a miscalculated move. People are battling financial challenges at the moment,” another motorist  Mr Oscar Jinga said.

Recently, City Parking introduced a mobile self-service application, Park Assist, which allows parking payments to be conducted without physical engagements between motorists and parking marshals.





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