Brazen Zimbabwean Human Trafficker Exposed By Wife


Zimbabwean Human Trafficker Exposed By Wife

Love is sweet, marriage is sweeter, however when things turn sour, how far would you be able to clutch your association? This is most likely an inquiry without an answer and applies to a Harare vengeful wife who uncovered his better half for human trafficking following a domestic dispute.

In an ‘impeccable retribution’ story, a lady tired of her better half’s trickeries purportedly let the cat out of the bag on her significant other’s illegal, human trafficking business.

Fisher Chiyanike, 51 had a dropping out with his better half Bianca Chiyanike, 35, after he blamed her for bedding another man.

Chiyanike, leader of Zimbabwe United Nations Association (ZUNA), who resides in Milton Park said his significant other was out for his blood.

“To be honest with you my wife is up to destroy me because I discovered that she is dating a 27-year-old man by the name Ngoni,” claimed Chiyanike.

“We had a misunderstanding and that forced me to leave the house hurriedly and I only collected my suits leaving these documents she is now using to destroy my life.

The document being referred to is portrayed by a rundown of cops based at Harare Central Police station while another has the name for secretary for Local Government.

Zimbabwean Human Trafficker Exposed By Wife
Zimbabwean Human Trafficker Exposed By Wife

Chiyanike claims that the letter is credible yet the letterhead connected is by all accounts a work of phony.

She said her better half’s adoration for snappy cash brought about him searching for different loathsome means to get cash.

“He used to fake signatures on documents he facilitated people to leave the country and I have proof to this,” Bianca told the local publication, H Metro.

Police Criminal Investigations Department representative Detective Inspector Portia Chinho was not accessible for input at the hour of going to press.

As per unverified bits of gossip, Chiyanike was captured by Commercial Crime Unit, police investigators.

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