Congregants Panic As Pastor Dies From Coronavirus After Saying He Could Cure It By Laying Hands On Them


Congregants Panic As Pastor Dies From Coronavirus

Yaounde – A well known Cameroonian clergyman has passed on less than seven days in the wake of being determined to have the coronavirus (Covid-19), leaving several his supporters in panic mode after the man had laid hands on them with an end goal to “fix” them of the disease.

Mail and Telegraph has established from online publication, African Agency, that Pastor Frankline Ndifor was likewise a candidate in the focal African state’s last presidential political race.

As indicated by Voice of America (VOA) news, Cameroon police utilized power to access the minister’s home in the monetary capital of Douala, as a portion of his supporters blocked doorways, petitioning God for his revival.

Several pastor’s devotees sang on Sunday morning at Ndifor’s home that the man prevalently alluded to as “the prophet” was not dead, however on a profound retreat with God, and would return soon. Their singing and petitions were communicated by a few neighborhood radio broadcasts.

Ndifor kicked the bucket and was buried before his residence on Saturday by laborers of Cameroon’s Covid-19 reaction group in the city.

Specialist Gaelle Nnanga disclosed to VOA that the minister passed on less than seven days in the wake of being determined to have Covid-19.

He said that a few individuals from Ndifor’s Kingship International Ministries Church called him to go to the pastor’s aide when they discovered Ndifor was in anguish, and that when the clinical group he leads showed up, Ndifor was having extreme respiratory challenges.

As indicated by Che, the minister has been laying hands on the debilitated and guaranteeing that he had the ability to cure Covid-19.

 “If you, the person that claims that you are curing Covid-19, you are dead, what about the fellow people that were affected by the Covid-19? Now that he is dead, I do not know how the people that he was laying hands on will be healed,” VOA was told.

Other than praying God for Covid-19 patients at his home and his congregation, Ndifor was additionally giving basins and cleanser to the poor to shield themselves from the infection. His last appearance was on April 20, when he wandered into Douala’s boulevards to disperse face masks.

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