ED allows final year students to continue during the lockdown


Harare- President Emmerson Mnangagwa has allowed the final year exam classes in all educational institutions in Zimbabwe to continue with their educational pursuits during the continuation of the level two national coronavirus lockdown while plans to reopen schools are still underway.

During his national address at the State House on Saturday in Harare, his Excellency said the allowed exam classes should adhere to the lockdown measures as they continue with their examination preparations so as to curb the spread of the virus.

“As previously stated, public exam classes and final year students at colleges, universities, must be allowed to continue, recognising however the stipulated Covid-19 prevention measures. Meanwhile, clear plans of the phased reopening of schools must continue to be put in place,” he said.

Meanwhile, he said Zimbabwe will continue on the level two national lockdown for an indefinite period. The government shall have regular interval reviews after each and every two weeks to asses progress or lack of it in the fight against coronavirus.

“Zimbabwe will therefore continue on the level two lockdown for an indefinite period. We shall have a regular two week interval reviews to asses progress or lack of it. This should give us more time to strengthen the prevention and case management approaches for the various risk populations. The notified phase reopening strategy will further allow us to increase surveillance including early detection, tracing , isolation, contact tracing, treatment and care with a focus on high risk populations,”  he said.

He also announced the following as the measures that have been put in place to fight coronavirus during the continuation of coronavirus national lockdown, and these measures will be adjusted at intervals based on epidemiological outcomes.

“The wearing of face masks as well as washing of hands or use of sanitizers in all public areas remains mandatory.The regular disinfection will approved disinfectants with all public and private businesses premises coupled with the use of body temperature checking at all entrances must continue.The testing capacity in all provinces using the recommended PRC testing kits will be increased.

“Private sector run testing and isolation centres are encouraged and will be facilitated in line with the prescribed polices of the Ministry of Health and Child Care.The 21 one day mandatory  quarantine of returning Zimbabwean citizens and legal residents will be tested on days one, eight and twenty one will continue to be on force.

“All  businesses and industries sicking to reopen must follow laid down measures previously announced in relation to social distancing, hand sanitization, temperature checks, and health education among others. In addition, employees must undergo regular health checks and daily temperature monitoring.Shops and supermarkets should continue to enforce the social distancing of their customers. The operating times of all businesses have been adjusted to be from 08:00 to 16:30 pm.

 “Consultation of the phased reopening of the informal sector are still ongoing. To date, only designated food markets shall be permitted to open. The measures currently in place in relation to social gatherings for worship,weddings, funerals, political rallies, and other such gatherings remain in force.Bars and gymnasiums remain closed. Restaurants and foods outlets are permitted to open only for take away and deliveries.

“Intercity and cross-border movement of people by road or air transport remain banned except for transportation of essential cargo.Provincial and district movement remains controlled. Commuter omnibuses kombies, unregistered taxis, mushikashika, also remain banned.Only ZUPCO buses and ZUPCO contracted commuter omnibuses with the stipulated number of passengers and adhering to the sanitisation disinfection regulations will be permitted to operate,” he said.

With an end goal to decongest the urban communities among different targets to battle the pandemic, the kombis have been for all time prohibited by the administration except if-then choose to the establishment under the ZUPCO franchise.

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