President ED’s Mnangagwa’s Son Fingered In Poaching Of Wildlife


President ED’s Mnangagwa’s Son Fingered In Poaching Of Wildlife

Harare – Kudakwashe Mnangagwa, a son to Zimbabwe’s current president, Emmerson Dzambudzo Mnangagwa, has been embroiled in poaching of wildlife in Nyangambe, a Chiredzi magistrate has been informed.

The charges were made by Farai Chauke, a Harare legal advisor who originates from Nyangambe and is additionally the legitimate delegate of the Nyangambe Community Wildlife Project.

Nyangambe Community Wildlife Project is controlled by residents and charges are that Kudakwashe is prone to join one of the directors of Green Africa Safaris, Philip Mafuta to hunt and poach untamed life outside hunting quotas.

Green Africa Safaris which signed a one-year hunting lease agreement with Nyangambe Community Wildlife Project is utilizing the political capacity to unlawfully shoot down creatures that are not indicated in their hunting portion said the legal counselor under questioning.

Mafuta affirmed to The Mirror in a meeting that he consistently goes for hunting with Kudakwashe however excused the claims that they poach natural life.

 “Zvaaita izvozvo zvichatomunyudza (He must watch his back. What he said about the President’s son will get him into trouble).

“Chauke is ignorant of the law. Our activities in Nyangambe are lawful according to the Parks and Wildlife Act. We are allowed to undertake hunting activities since we have a hunting permit at Nyangambe. I can confirm that I used to hunt with the President`s son since we are related, I am part of that family so there is nothing which can stop us from working together,” said Mafuta.


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