Energy Mutodi To The Rescue,Provides Relief To The Struggling Zimbabwean Musician


Energy Mutodi Gives A Hand To The Struggling Zimbabwean Musician

Harare – Controversial Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity, and Broadcasting Services Energy Mutodi on Tuesday gave alleviation to Zimbabwean based Congolese artist Shiga. This trails the artist bid for help, referring to that his wellspring of salary has been hard-hit by the coronavirus initiated lockdown, H- Metro has established.

 ‘I’m home on lockdown but it doesn’t look well for me here in Chitungwiza. At the moment what I only need is food mudhara because ikarate chaiyo kuwana chikafu. I can’t afford to buy the basics, and it’s really sad when my kids are starving along with me at home,’ said Shiga Shiga.

Aside from giving over the groceries, the foul-mouthed minister likewise gave an undisclosed measure of cash to the chanter and he further challenged any other individual to go with the same pattern during these tough situations.

 ‘We are in a very difficult situation at the moment, it’s not only my former colleagues here who are struggling but we need to cultivate this system of love. This is the right time to help others so that they cross the river Jordan, the lockdown period is the most difficult period since most of the people have been surviving from hand to mouth,’ he said.

 ‘They have been coming to my place of residence and former work place where we meet and talk about life. With my demanding schedule, it’s now hard for me to look for them and I only learnt about Shiga’s plight in H-Metro. I was touched by what I read and I decided to help him because we had good memories together. Shiga and my other former employees can still get hold of me and I will spare time for them despite my busy schedule,’ he added.

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