Second consecutive covid-19 case with no travel history recorded


Harare – Zimbabwe has recorded a second consecutive case of covid-19 in a patient without any travel history, or any history of contact with someone who tested positive or linked to anyone who tested positive.

Dubbed case #36, the man from Chegutu is asymptomatic, and only tested positive after being screened at his workplace.

The government has consequently dispatched their covid-19 response team to assist with contact tracing for the patient himself. According to a press release from the country’s Ministry of Health, 7 possible contacts have been identified, and these are now being traced.

Patient #36 has been asked to self isolate at his home as he is asymptomatic, although the same press release states that he has mild disease, leading to speculation of early onset of symptoms.

Case #36 follows Case #35, where an individual with no history of travel or contact has tested positive, leading to beliefs that disease may be spreading locally.

Zimbabwe’s cases however remain relatively low, although the country has not implemented aggressive testing as yet.

4 people have died from the disease so far, while 9 have been certified as recovered. Just under 10,000 tests have been conducted, while over 11,000 rapid tests have been conducted.

The country, which remains under lockdown, is expected to lift restrictions on several sectors, and allow travel in the coming weeks, if the curve remains flat.


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