SA To Assist In Testing Madagascar’s Controversial COVID-19 ‘Treatment’


SA To Assist In Testing Madagascar’s Controversial COVID-19 ‘Treatment’

Johannesburg – South Africa, a nation which has since been hit hard by the novel infection when contrasted with it’s neighboring nations, has demonstrated an enthusiasm for embracing Madagascar’s disputable treatment herb which has since been gotten by blended responses by different nations.

South Africa is happy to aid logical research being led in Madagascar, researching on a homegrown solution for battle COVID-19.

Health Minister Dr. Zweli Mkhize affirmed that the Madagascar Health Ministry has been in contact with SA.

SA To Assist In Testing Madagascar's Controversial COVID-19 'Treatment'
SA To Assist In Testing Madagascar’s Controversial COVID-19 ‘Treatment’ – PIC SA Health Minister Zweli Mkhize

“We actually did get a call from the government of Madagascar. They did ask us that they would like to be assisted in the process of trying to validate and try and help to investigate the scientific basis on which such a drug could be used,” said Mr. Mkhize.

“I had a call with the Foreign Affairs of Madagascar and they had been a call from the President and we then said our scientific research institutions will be willing to support an analysis…on that matter”, he said.

More than 10 000 instances of coronavirus have since been affirmed in South Africa as the figures keep on soaring by an average of 400 positive cases inside a time of 24 hours. However,4173 have recuperated while 194 have since passed on.

In the interim, the World Health Organization (WHO) says that therapeutic plants touted as potential medications for COVID-19, ought to be tried for viability and symptoms.

The number of affirmed coronavirus cases overall is over 3.5-million, with more than 250,000 passings.

The number of recuperations stands at 1.2-million.​

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