PICS : ‘Youthful’ Grace Mugabe Amazing Mothers Day Photos


Grace Mugabe Amazing Mothers Day Photos

Harare – The former first lady, Grace Mugabe, is growing younger by day if the pictures of her which emerged on Mother’s day are anything to go by.

The late President Robert Mugabe’s other half turns 55 this year however she despite everything looks ‘stunning and is maturing smoothly’. On Sunday, Grace’s third-born child Robert Mugabe Junior shared photos of his mother and auntie as he wished them a Happy Mother’s Day. Robert Junior and Grace Mugabe wore coordinating clothing types while Grace and her sister had comparable haircuts also.

In one of the photographs, Grace and Robert Junior are gazing at the camera with the first lady’s arms folded over her son in a gesture indicating a mother’s affection and insurance. The two are noticeably at ease in the posture and the grasp.

In the subsequent picture, Robert Junior, Grace, and her sister are on the whole grinning at the camera with Robert remaining behind the two ladies.

Sharing the photographs on his online life account, Robert Junior inscribed the pictures,”Happy Mother’s Day To My Babies – Dr. G, Mum R, Mum Chuma & All My Mothers 😫. Thank You For Your Undying Love”

Grace Mugabe Amazing Mothers Day Photos
                 Grace Mugabe Amazing Mothers Day Photos – PIC: Robert Mugabe Jnr, mother & aunt

During Former President Robert Mugabe’s rule, Grace was blamed for living richly to the detriment of the majority which saw her being nicknamed “Gucci Grace” and “the first shopper” by foreign media houses. She shot to reputation during the wild Zanu PF progression wars when Mugabe was blamed for attempting to make a family tradition by forcing Grace as his replacement.

Following the November 2017 military coup, Mugabe was expelled from power, and Grace together with different individuals from the Generation 40 (G40) group were ousted from the ruling Zanu PF. Grace has not been seen in broad daylight since separated, from brief periods when she buried her mother and when Mugabe passed.

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