Criminals among repatriated Zimbos


Harare – Wanted fugitives who fled Zimbabwe after committing crimes are among the hundreds of people who were repatriated back to the country over the last few weeks police have said.

The criminals who are thought to have illegally crossed borders with Botswana and South Africa are in quarantine, together with several stranded Zimbabweans who have been assisted to return home following region wide lockdowns in response to Covid-19.

Other returnees however had been held in mass detention centers for illegal immigrants and have been deported by the host countries to free up space and prevent a deadly covid-19 outbreak spreading through jails and detention centers in those countries.

South Africa leads the way with returnees thought to be nearing a thousand. Botswana, whose hardline immigration stance has often been hailed by South Africa comes second.

Speaking to The Herald Newspaper, police’s Assistant Commissioner Nyathi told the publication that one suspect, who had evaded prosecution had already been processed on return and taken to court.

Police will reportedly carry out further intensive vetting to make sure that any criminals who form part of the returnees are prosecuted.

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