Lockdown: SA govt bans roast chicken, meat pies


Pretoria – South Africa’s government on Monday approved a new regulation that banned the sale of hot cooked food across the country, supposedly as a measure to help curb Covid-19.

According to a report carried on Business Insider, The new regulation stipulates that any food – but “excluding cooked hot food” – may be sold during the national state of disaster due to Covid19.

Woolworths and other retailers had been selling hot prepared food, including including rotisserie chickens, pies as well as bread baked in-store, during lockdown.

The move comes amid policy confusion in the country. For example, when South Africa began its lockdown, government insisted that people should confine themselves to their own home. However, armed police and soldiers were filmed storming people’s houses and forcing them to lock themselves inside their houses.

Despite government officials taking to Twitter to clarify that people could sit in their gardens, law enforcement officers repeatedly forced people into their homes.

Last Thursday, the government eased certain regulations, allowing hardware stores to partially open but under strict reporting measures.

South Africa’s Covid-19 cases are slowly gaining momentum, with a steady increase in infections across the country but the lockdown’s feasibility has been questioned.

The majority of the country live in abject poverty and overcrowded high density areas. Many are unemployed and work in the informal sector, meaning a continued lockdown would lead to effective starvation.

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