Prophet Angel donates $1 million USD for COVID-19 fight


London – United Kingdom based businessman and celebrity gospel preacher Uebert Angel has donated $1 million United States Dollars to help African countries in their fight against COVID-19, a rampant global pandemic that is killing thousands of people per day around the world.

The money, which will be split between four countries in Southern Africa is meant to assist in the procurement of personal protective equipment (PPEs) for doctors and nurses, as well as the purchasing of test kits and medical sundries.

Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa are set to receive the funds through the Uebert Angel Foundation.

Zimbabwe has been lagging behind its other counterparts, having conducted fewer than 500 tests. Alarms have been raised in Botswana as well after revelations that the country has less than a dozen ICU beds.

“The donations are meant to procure essential PPEs. The money itself is coming from the Angel Foundation as well as some of UAF Financial partners.”, an official within the UAF told M&T.

Covid-19 patients who deteriorate often require a ventilator to breathe for them and can be in ICU for weeks. In Spain, Italy, USA and Germany this has totally overwhelmed health systems.

“Most elite hospitals only have a few ICU beds, and these are not always in use. Even developed countries have never needed 100,000 ICU beds in one go. But COVID-19 has changed this reality. Because of that we have had to consider helping before the virus peaks in Africa”, the official added.

Angel, a British national of Zimbabwean origin was unavailable for comment. Officials at his office said, “The UAF is doing a lot to help several people in several places but we are not looking to publicise these details at this time. We are presently totally engrossed in assisting many countries get essential PPE and also secure beds. We are more focused on saving lives, the agreed notion is to use a budget in excess of 1 million US but we can discuss figures and other things after the pandemic ends and we will be definitely updating our UAF financial partners and our Patrons , Mr Uebert and Mrs Beverly Angel at every point”

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