Daniela Allen fingered in Zodwa’s nudes leaking

Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure’s ex-girlfriend leaked nudes of his ex wife,and former business partner, Zodwa Mkandla on social media a few days ago.


Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure’s ex-girlfriend leaked nudes of his ex wife and former business partner, Zodwa Mkandla on social media a few days ago.

It was a form of revenge after Zodwa allegedly recently wrecked her affair with a married Harare businessman (name withheld).
She allegedly told the businessman’s wife about the affair and accused Daniela of living of his wealth.

Zodwa and Daniela have a long standing squabble after the latter snatched the former’s fiancée, Ginimbi.
“It is not a secret that Daniela was revenging after Zodwa went to the businessman’s wife and whistle blew (sic) about the affair between her and the businessman whom she claimed to be her brother.
“She bad mouthed Daniela alleging that she was spreading HIV/AIDS to him and putting her at risk.

“So Daniela had access to the nudes and leaked them on social media to tarnish her image as a businesswoman.

“Their clash started when Daniela took Ginimbi away from Zodwa and moved in the Domboshava house which Zodwa once claimed ownership over in court,” narrated our source acquainted to both women.

The nude pictures are said to have been a private moment taken more than five years ago.

One of Zodwa's nudes posted on social media
One of Zodwa’s nudes posted on social media

Zodwa’s then younger lover kept them in an attempt to extort her using the pictures as ‘ammunition’, it is alleged.

“Those pictures are old and the guy who received them broke up with Zodwa after he attempted to extort her.

“He was milking her until such a time that Zozo realised that he was after her money,” revealed one of her confidante.

The drama also roped in South African based businesswoman Luminitsa Jemwa whose message to Zodwa also leaked giving rise to speculation that she was behind the nudes.
It was established however that the messages were authored in 2018 after a minor fall out between her and Zodwa.

“Luminista made that communication to Zozo (Zodwa) last year and they have since resolved their differences.
“There is no reason why she would leak Zozo’s nudes now.
“She is being used as a scapegoat because she is one of the few Zimbabweans close to Daniele.
“Zozo knows who is behind the leak,” added the confidante.

All parties were not available for comment at the time of writing, Luminista and Daniela’s phones were unavailable, while Zodwa’s mobile phone was off.

She is believed to have traveled on a business trip to United States on Wednesday while Daniela is said to be in Nigeria.

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