Mudiwa Hood blessed with baby boy

Harare - Zimbabwe’s multi award winning Hip Hop artist, Mudiwa has been blessed with a baby boy.


Harare – Zimbabwe’s multi award winning Hip Hop artist, Mudiwa has been blessed with a baby boy.

The Christian Rapper who is well known for his amazing fashion sense and strong business acumen kept the baby bump hidden from the rest of the world.

Mudiwa, a son of Prophet Uebert Angel announced the news on his social media handles.

Taking to micro-blogging platforms, Mudiwa told his followers that keeping the pregnancy a secret was the hardest thing he has ever done.

“It hasn’t been an easy road, 9months of keeping this good news off the public space was not easy at all especially for me,” he wrote.

Mudiwa has in the past been criticised for being pompous, an action his supporters defend as his success translates to inspiration.

Speaking to M&T exclusively, Prophet Bushiri’s spokesperson Maynard Manyowa stated that Mudiwa was a model to be emulated.

“Zimbabwe is a difficult environment to operate. Mudiwa has accumulated properties and cars at rates that rival Western Millionaires do. He has done this depsite being such a young man.

“He advocates for christian values and the christian method of success. He is showing that with Jesus one can succeed. Its good that he is posting evidence. He is showing that you can be rich while righteous,” Manyowa said.

In his statement, Mudiwa expressed gratitude.

“I wanted to thank God every day publicly ( with my friends, family and fans) and testify of the Lord’s goodness, nevertheless He is a faithful God, Mudiwa jnr is here❤❤🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽.

“My wife allowed me to post her pic during pregnancy, and ultimately me, holding Mudiwa Jnr Cristian …. this was a priceless moment. I speak the same grace of safe delivery to all expecting mothers!!! May God show up in your lives with grace of safe delivery when your time comes.

Ladies and Gentlemen Mudiwa Jnr is here! Will notify you in due course on his Instagram account where his official pics will be posted!!,” He wrote.

Mudiwa has named his son after himself, “God Bless you all. Baba Mudiwa na Mai Mudiwa

Mudiwa Hood Snr,” he added.

Mudiwa was unreachable for additional comment

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