Zim socialite Taku Muparadzi in nude scandal with married man

She dates married men all over. She has dated some very popular married men and they send her on holidays


A Zimbabwean socialite Taku Muparadzi, who has made fame as a hard working orphan who takes care of her elderly grandmother has been embroiled in a nude pic scandal.

The Pretoria based ECD teacher had her nudes leaked by a married woman who accused her of sleeping with her husband.

In a chat leaked by the lady, Taku sent pictures of her crotch to the man whom she asked to come and sleep over at her place.

M&T was able to independently verify that the nude pictures indeed belong to Taku and that the WhatsApp number quoted in the chat is hers indeed.

Her mobile phone number has since been changed
Her mobile phone number has since been changed

In response, Taku has deleted all her social media accounts and her number has been deactivated.

A friend of Taku, who refused to be named claimed that this was not the first time.

“She dates married men all over. She has dated some very popular married men and they send her on holidays”

The caption on her Instagram account says she was in view of the Atlantic ocean

“When she went to the middle east last year, a popular married man funded the trip.” the friend added.

The young lady claims to be a very devoted Christian. A claim that has been dismissed by her late father’s sister who refused to be named.

Her aunt told M&T that Taku had been disowned from her family earlier on for her behaviour.

“The reason she grew up with Gogo is that she started this sleeping around game at 13. Every month a married woman comes to complain. We have given up on her,” her Aunt said.

The aunt claimed Taku exploits her elderly grandmother to cover up for her promiscuity.

“She posts our mother all the time to take away attention. We don’t want her in the family. She is a home wrecker”

Taku is a close friend of another popular Harare prostitute, Kudzai Hilda Mahachi, who had a child with a local prophet.

A Zimbabwean man who is a neighbor of Taku told M&T that for nearly 6 months last year Taku shared her room with Kudzai Mahachi and the two would have married men daily, even when the latter was pregnant.

“I lived next to them for one year. Many married men would come here daily. I think they use Juju because even when the other was pregnant they continued.” said Desmond Makaita

From us to you, here is to some screenshots of the conversation between Taku and the married woman…