Ramaphosa booed for xenophobia flares at Mugabe funeral


South African President Cyril Ramaphosa was today jeered and booed by an angry crowd at the National Sports Stadium incensed by his administration’s ineffective stance to quell the recent xenophobic attacks that have displaced thousands and claimed some dozen foreign nationals.  

By Marshall Bwanya

Thousands attending the state funeral abruptly erupted in loud jeers in protest, heckling Ramaphosa as he took the podium to deliver his condolence speech to the late former President Robert Mugabe.

Pleas to silence the disgruntled crowd fell on deaf ears as the loud booing intensified prompting Ramaphosa to issue a public apology.

“We would like to say the people of Zimbabwe, we as South Africans have been going through challenging period.

“We have acts of violence erupting in some parts of our country some which was directed at nationals from other African countries, yes I can hear you are responding to the deaths and injuries of a number of people who were nationals from other countries.

“I stand before you as fellow African to express my regret and to apologise for what has happened in our country,” he said.

Ramaphosa’s public apology was well received by the crowd who cheered to his request for forgiveness.

The South African leader reiterated that the recent xenophobic attacks were against the African principles that Robert Mugabe, Nelson Mandela and other African leaders stood for.

Ramaphosa also pleaded with the crowd that his administration was working tirelessly to conscientise South Africans to embrace people from all African countries.




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