Rowdy ZANU PF supporters protest ED failure at Mugabe funeral


ZANU PF supporters at Rufaro Stadium today broke into emphatic song paying tribute to the late Robert Mugabe while protesting President Emmerson Mnangagwa failure to remedy the economic crisis which has piled more misery to their livelihoods.

By Marshall Bwanya

The rowdy ZANU PF supporters seated at Vietnam end of the stadium abruptly interrupted the funeral programme and refused to be silenced when they broke into “Kasi Chingwa makasiya pa dhora.”

“Handeyi, handeyi asi Chingwa makasiya pa dhora,” they sang.

(Go well you left office when bread was priced at dollar.)

ZANU PF supporters were protesting that ever since Mnangagwa’s ascension to power through a military coup in November 2017 things have gone from bad to worse.

Basic commodities prices are constantly rising further eroding the cost of living.

When Mugabe was in power bread was going for a dollar, currently it is pegged at RTGs 9 in Mnangagwa’s tenure as President.

Further efforts to silence ZANU PF supporters and resume the normal programme worsened the situation as they broke in sombre sarcastically chanting

“Ndimi Makauraya, hazvina mhosva pahukama!”

(We know you are the ones responsible for his death but it doesn’t matter since you are his relatives.)

The ZANU PF supporters gained more momentum and started chanting “Magetsi, magetsi, magetsi, dhora, dhora, dhora appealing to the current administration to remedy the acute power shortages and exorbitant price of bread.


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