Rattled Mnangagwa pleads for unity  as opposition plots anti Mugabe demo.


President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday pleaded to Zimbabweans to be united in respect of the late leader Robert Mugabe following ploys by Chamisa’s led MDC Youth Assembly to stage an anti-Mugabe demonstration at his funeral.


Cabinet has urged Zimbabweans to embrace government's move to abolish the multicurrency system adding that it would place the country's economy on a firm growth trajectory.


By Marshall Bwanya

Speaking at Robert Mugabe International Airport in Harare Mnangagwa appealed to Zimbabweans to pay homage to the late leader for his contribution in the Liberation of Zimbabwe.

“On the day we shall lay him to rest on Sunday I appeal to you in your hundreds, thousands and millions to show your love for our great leader who has left us.

“I appeal to you all to be peaceful, loving and united. Zimbabwe is ours together, we are one people, one nation,” he said.

The anti-Mugabe demonstration planned by the MDC Youth Assembly supported by generational consensus has stirred divisions within the opposition following Chamisa’s decision to postpone the party’s 20th anniversary in respect for Robert Mugabe.

Generation Consensus coordinator and Human rights defender Pride Mkono castigated the MDC top leadership for postponing the opposition’s 20th anniversary to allow Mugabe to be buried, labelling them as unprincipled and valueless leaders who had lost their way.

Mkono reiterated thats youths have no obligation to pay their respects to the former leader whose legacy was tainted by serial human rights violations.

“I see no reason to celebrate the legacy of a man who accumulated power for his own selfish interests and aggrandizement.

“A leader who for 38 years held the nation at ransom like his own backyard.

“Overthrowing Smith’s oppressive system only to maintain it with him at the helm,” he said.

Mkono reiterated that removing the head of an evil system only to retain its power was clearly not revolutionary at all.

Security forces have since been tipped and are on high alert to thwart the planned anti-Mugabe protests.

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