We won’t mourn Mugabe: MDC Youth Assembly


Chamisa’s led MDC Youth assembly today said they will not mourn the death of former leader Robert Mugabe in the upcoming seven days of national mourning declared by President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday.

By Marshall Bwanya

MDC Youth Assembly national spokesperson Stephen Chuma accused Mnangagwa for coercing Zimbabweans to mourn a leader who had been the architect of their abject poverty, misery and suffering.

“True to his form, the poverty stricken and long suffering Zimbabweans woke up to disgusting news that Mnangagwa has declared seven days to force Zimbabweans to mourn  the death of the same man who authored their misery and poverty.

“As a generation that was born in abject poverty authored and sculptured by Robert Mugabe and perfected by his henchmen, Emmerson Mnangagwa surely it will be an insult to be forced to mourn one of our detractors,” he said.

Chuma reiterated that Mugabe had laid a deleterious foundation that still threatens to wipe out the entire generation which is still grappling with the ripple effects of his 37 years of misrule such as unemployment, poverty and shrinking space.

They have been mixed reactions over the legacy of the late former President Mugabe as critics have labelled him a liberator turned tyrant.

Critics blame Mugabe for gross human rights abuses such as the 1983-7 Gukurahundi massacres that resulted in the death of 20 000 innocent civilians, the unpopular 2005 operation Murambatsvina, and the 2008 state sponsored political violence that victimised thousands of people.

Chuma also nailed Mnangagwa as Mugabe’s loyal accomplice who assisted, and still endures with same tyrannical narrative of committing gross human violations.

“Emmerson Mnangagwa is neither a saint too, for he was and still part of the establishment whose sole purpose at the echelons of power has nothing whatsoever to do with upgrading citizens’ lives but to pursue parochial interests.

“As a generation that has been adversely affected by both Mugabe and Mnangagwa’s maladministration, we see no reason why we must be forced to mourn the former for seven days,” he said.

The Youth Assembly leader reiterated that instead of mourning Mugabe they would rather lament the death and dearth of democratic space, good standard of living and basic commodities in the upcoming seven days.







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