Chamisa condemns recent xenophobia attacks


MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has condemned the recent unwarranted xenophobia attacks of fellow Africans in South Africa describing them as despicable heinous acts of afrophobia perpetuated by bad leadership.


By Marshall Bwanya

The youthful opposition leader said the xenophobic attacks were fuelling divisions and animosity amongst African communities detrimental for the continent’s development and progress.

“The attacks against fellow Africans are appalling and heart breaking. While these attacks are routinely described as xenophobic, it is evident that they target black Africans.

“The resulting conflict is terrible for our communities because they foment hatred and tensions between people.

“We need to correctly characterise what is happening in South Africa not as xenophobia but afrophobia, as the attacks are not necessarily against foreigners but fellow black Africans,” he said.

Chamisa articulated the need to solve challenges that had led to many leaving their own countries to South Africa in search for better opportunities.

The MDC leader reiterated that the growth of illegal immigration was disadvantaging indigenous South Africans with joblessness, poverty and inadequate social service delivery.

Recent xenophobia attacks have so far forced hundreds to flee their homes and at least five people have been killed.

Chamisa accused fellow African leaders of turning a deaf ear and folding their hands whilst African brothers devoured each other.

“This is why we find it incredulous when our brother leaders in the region look aside while fellow Africans are persecuted in South Africa.

“Illegal immigration is a product of nurturing dictatorship in our own neighbourhoods. Fixing Zimbabwe will reduce South Africa’s problems.

“Similarly fixing Somalia, DRC and Nigeria among other countries, will go a long way stabilising Africa and reducing the problem of tensions and hate,” he said.

Chamisa acknowledged that African countries had problems of inequality, social service delivery, joblessness, poverty and illegal migration forcing them to migrate to South Africa violence and brutality should not be used as an instrument to resolve challenges.

“Violence in all its ugly forms manifestations be it towards women, children, citizens, illegal immigrants and human beings for that matter is simply unacceptable.






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