Zimbabwe under siege: Ibbo Mandaza


Academic and Political analyst Ibbo Mandaza has said the country is under siege from the military and the state is in disarray.

By Marshall Bwanya

Speaking at the SAPEZ Trust policy dialogue about the deepening crisis in Zimbabwe last week Mandaza said the current Mnangagwa administration was incapable of reform in the wake of growing gross human violations by the state.

“We have a state under siege, in my view that has been in decline since the 2017 November coup with no prospects of turning around.

“There is no one with the moral authority least of all in the state itself to curb corruption. We have a state in disarray, no one is in control.

“We are descending into unchannelled waters more and more violence, young civilians being abducted, I can’t think of a situation worse than this in post Independent Zimbabwe,” he said.

Government critic, Mandaza said efforts lobbying for political dialogue between Mnangagwa and Chamisa had been foiled by military ‘influence’ in government.

Political tensions and animosities are still rife in the country with the Chamisa led MDC threatening to enrol more mass demonstrations after the oppositions August protests were controversially barred by the police and courts of law.

Security forces clampdown and invasion of civilian space has drastically increased with the Human Rights Forum recording 19 political abductions in August alone.

Mandaza also branded Mnangagwa’s administration as worse than their colonial predecessors.

“If those of us, who were incarcerated under Ian Smith, can say this is worse than that period,” he said.

Mandaza reiterated that government’s denial of the political induced abductions reflected that the state was not in control.