Chamisa threatenes to enrol more nationwide demos


MDC leader Nelson Chamisa yesterday in Harare threatened to enrol more nationwide demonstrations saying the state has not right to bar people from exercising their constitutional right to express themselves.

By Marshall Bwanya

Addressing an MDC rally in Glen View South’s impending by-elections Chamisa articulated that ZANU PF had mutated into a fascist regime that was no longer a vehicle of the Liberation Struggle.

“Democracy is in the intensive care in Zimbabwe, good governance is dead in the country.

“You can see there is no freedom, civilians are being abducted in their own houses by the same state that is supposed to protect them.

“You cannot take away the right to demonstrate, it is a God given right. We are not going to be coerced to stop demonstrating, we will demonstrate until the regime gives in,” he said.

Chamisa reiterated that the people wanted to express themselves democratically, constitutionally and peacefully as enshrined in the Constitution.

Government last month banned the opposition nationwide demonstrations citing there were violent ploys bent on destabilising the country.

The government ban was followed by a brutal clampdown on opposition politicians, activists and human rights defenders by suspected state agents.

Chamisa also equated war veterans leader Victor Matemadanda’s rantings barring opposition demonstrations as that of former colonial Rhodesian Minister of Justice Law and Order Lardner Burke who in the past banned black nationalist protests.

The youthful MDC leader noted that panacea of the nation’s economic woes were emanating from a legitimacy crisis stemming from a disputed election.

Chamisa mocked Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube that he cannot boast to have a national surplus budget while the economic crisis persisted.

“You cannot claim to have a surplus when hospitals have no medication, when you have not paid for electricity and no fuel,” he said.

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