Taffy Theman remixes Notch’s classic Not So Go dissing ED


Diaspora-based controversial  comedian Tafadzwa Ngubozabo affectionately known by his moniker Taffy Theman has released another hit comic video song Kanyika Aka Aiwa Bodo trending on social media circles lamenting the country’s economic woes.

By Marshall Bwanya

The multi-talented comedian who rose to fame for his hilarious videos and skits targeting Emerson Mnangagwa and other ZANU PF bigwigs remixed Jamaican artiste Notch’s classic song Not So Go from the Buy Out riddim to cook out his latest offering.

In the hit song Taffy Theman  portrays the grueling economic induced hardships ordinary Zimbabweans have been exposed to by Mnangagwa’s government.

Kanyika Aka Aiwa Bodo music video begins with ordinary citizen staring a 2018 ZANU PF election campaign billboard that pictures President Emerson Mnangagwa and reads, “Reduced electricity tariffs guaranteed,” the citizen ironically questions the authenticity, sincerity and resolve to deliver the written promise as most parts across the country are experiencing more than 14 hours without electricity.

“Rino famba seiko business rangu pasina magesti? Kanyika aka aiwa bodo.

“Mwanangu ndoiwanepi yefees ini ndisina rent? Kanyika aiwa bodo,” sings the comedian.

Illustrating how severe power cuts are affecting businesses, as well as how most breadwinners eroded RTGs salaries have become insufficient to cater for their families.

Taffy Theman in the hit song bemoans the absence of democracy in the country and government skepticism of criticism.

“Kune dzimwe nyika unogona kucritizer hurumende yako ende hazvisungise haumorowe, kasi kwedu kupikisa itori treason, ukangova criticizer hanzi subversion.

“Vanobva vatohvura netuma subsection, paragraph one hanzi threat to the nation, chants the UK based comedian.

The hit music video the comedian displays his theatrical dance moves, comical facial expressions, and current media headlines to amplify his message  in an amusing manner.