MDC to enrol a series of Mass Demonstrations

MDC has announced  after the Friday demonstration dubbed the Free Zimbabwe march it going to enrol a series of mass demonstrations across the country in protest of the escalating economic crisis the ZANU PF government has failed to remedy.
By Marshal Bwanya
Party Spokesperson Daniel Molekele made this remarks during the MDC presser held in Harare today.
“We will be rolling out these peaceful and constitutional protests in all the towns.
“After Harare, the Zimbabweans citizens will be holding peaceful protests in Bulawayo next Monday, Gweru on Tuesday, Masvingo on Wednesday and Mutare on Thursday.
“The roll-out for other cities and towns will be announced later. Our action will be peaceful and constitutional, he said.
Party spokesperson Molekele said the series of mass demonstrations were protests against the political, economic and socio-economic injustices ordinary Zimbabweans were exposed to.
The MDC leader declared that the mass protests guaranteed by section 59 of the Constitution would only cease when the restoration of the people’s dignity and return of functional industries, democracy, accountability and the respect of human rights were realised.
Molekele reiterated that the current economic crisis stemmed from the a disputed political election, and that current national problems could not be resolved without restoring political legitimacy.
“We want to end illegitimacy and  ensure that there is a people’s government.
“We urge everyone to be there and to be involved until we achieve a truly people’s government that will deliver change that delivers, he said.
The opposition spokesperson also condemned the wanton killing, abductions and torture for civilians, civic and democracy activists by suspected security authorities.
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