Demo is still on: MDC

MDC has rubbished falsehoods and propaganda peddled on social media noting that the much hyped Friday mass demonstration will proceed as planned.
By Marshall Bwanya
Speaking at the party’s presser in Harare MDC Spokesperson Daniel Molekele said his party had taken all followed the correct procedures and were still going on with the mass demonstration.
“Its all systems go, we have complied with the law and we proceeding with the demonstration on Friday.
“Zimbabweans are hereby informed to ignore Zanu PF’s misinformation being peddled on social media platforms.

“The MDC is a peaceful and law-abiding party. To that end, we have complied with the requirements under both section 59 of the national Constitution and the Public Order and Security Act.
“There will be no party regalia as this is a peaceful march by the generality of the people of Zimbabwe who are suffering under the current crisis,” said Molekele.
MDC Spokesperson Brian Molekele said current economic crisis were Zimbabweans were experiencing, fuel shortages, water woes, eroded salaries and shortage of basic goods were symptoms of a stolen election. 
” On the 31st of July 2018, Zimbabweans overwhelmingly voted for President Nelson Chamisa. That election was stolen in broad daylight and since then, the crisis of legitimacy has manifested itself through multi-layered challenges that have manifested themselves through power outages, water and fuel shortages, indecent wages, high prices and the erosion of the people’s dignity, among other challenges.
“On Friday, we will be marching for jobs, for affordable health care facilities, for electricity, for affordable education, availability of fuel and water and decent salaries for our civil servants and the ordinary workers of Zimbabwe.
“We shall march for the restoration of the people’s dignity and for the return of functional industries,” said Molekele