The journalist who is lying about Prophet Bushiri

Khaya Koko is supposed to be a journalist, but he deceitfully wrote lies about Major 1 writes Dineo Masanasabo
Khaya Koko is supposed to be a journalist, but he deceitfully wrote lies about Major 1 writes Dineo Masanasabo

Modern journalists love publishing sensational stories. Stories with a high shock value are the new currency in any newsroom and drive thousands of readers to any publication.

Packing stories in a matter that is attractive is exciting but must be done within the confines of ethics. Yet, some journalists are pushing these boundaries more and more and neglecting truthful reporting altogether in favour of outright lies.

Meet Khaya Koko, the latest reporter to join the long list of liars.

Khaya Koko is a reporter. His latest story claims Prophet Bushiri is guarded by cops. This is simply not true.

A few things are quite interesting about his story and the man.

Khaya Koko is currently in Morrocco, at least according to his social media posts, yet he reports about what is happening in South Africa but he is not there?

Did he ever travel to ECG and see cops guarding Bushiri? The answer is NO.

Had he done so he would have realized there are 96 cops guarding Bushiri. In fact there are no cops guarding Bushiri at all. So lets call it what it is. Khaya Koko is a liar not a reporter.

Whatever happened to journalists actually verifying information?

Of course one can assume its an oversight. But remember that after the famous resurrection of a dead body, Khaya travelled to Pastor Alph Lukau’s church. He actually when to observe and ended up discussing intimate facts with congregants just to get the story right.

He even knew the salaries of some of the people who were in attendance. He did all this because he wanted to correct a misconception. BUT in this case he intentionally peddles lies. Shocking.


Khaya knows how to be a good journalist sometimes. But his problem is that he is a liar.
The tweets showing how Khaya Koko went to amazing lengths to report fairly. The tweets are still there today. Yet Khaya could not travel to Pretoria to check if his lies about the cop guard are true.








Oh wait, Khaya Koko flys business class so its likely that whoever is paying his business class is also paying him to lie.


People are being misled by these fake journalists. Look at the message that was sent from his number (See screenshot below).

Khaya Koko reportedly sent these messages from his number above. 


Fake news must end!