War vets used in election time then neglected :Chamisa

MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa has castigated Zanu PF for using war veterans and then neglecting them after elections.
Chamisa who described the war veterans issue as something that was close to his heart made the comments while addressing journalists at a press conference in Harare yesterday.
We have also noted with the issues concerning our war veterans, in fact, this issue is very close to our hearts, our war veterans have been neglected, disadvantaged.
” We see that when elections are around the corner war veterans become relevant when there are no elections, war veterans are useless, they are supposed to be at the periphery of decision making,” Chamisa said.
He said war veterans should be given honor.
We just had our independence, there is nothing that we can say we are proud of when it comes to the way the pockets of our war veterans are arranged its because we are not giving the appropriate attention to our war veterans.
 “Our war veterans should be given honor, we have to help them with school fees, medical expenses, transport expenses and other important things that are essential for their living,” he said.
Chamisa said nobody was spared by the current economic situation.
You are all aware of the economic genocide that is in our country, nobody spared in this genocide except for the fat cats, the big chefs but most of the people are feeling the pinch particularly when one has regard to the hyperinflationary environment that is in the country,” Chamisa said.
He likened the “political instability” in the country to that of Venezuela.
“66 percent inflation that has been recorded to date,  we are almost second from Venezuela and you can see that we are twins with Venezuela in terms of the political instability and the political crisis that is gripping the two nations.
This is an unprecedented hyperinflationary situation that we are encountering,” he said.
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