RBZ releases US$150 000 for water treatment chemicals


Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has released USD$150 000 for the purchasing of water treatment chemicals following an appeal by Harare City Council, but the money is not enough.

The funds were released Tuesday night.

Harare City Council (HCC) appealed to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) yesterday to release foreign currency to companies that import water treatment chemicals from South Africa and China citing that it was now left with two days’ stocks of chlorine gas needed for the treatment of water.

In a statement, Harare City Council Mayor Councillor Hebert Gomba said Supplies of chlorine gas have started arriving at Morton Jaffray Water Treatment Plant.

“Supplies of chlorine gas have started arriving at Morton Jaffray Water Treatment Plant ensuring that water treatment continues.  We continue to engage the monetary authorities (RBZ) for payment to other suppliers of different chemicals to be done: the arrival of chlorine gas is as a result of the RBZ releasing USD$150 000 last night,” he said.

Gomba said the situation was still bad as some of the chemicals are still not in stock.

“Water treatment chemicals status report I got today, Lime- nothing in stock, HtH only enough till end of the day today, Sulphuric Acid- Nothing in Stock, Chlorine- Supplied today , Alum- 4-5 days stock, Carbon- Enough in stock

“The situation is still bad and we are still engaged for more resources,” Gomba said.

Harare requires US$3 million every month for the purchase of water purification chemicals.

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