Great cyclone looms over Easter

Petrol Attendent Samuel Mogadi, attend the customers at the BP petrol station in Hyde Park on Jan Smuts Avenue. The petrol price has gone beyond the R5.00 mark. Pic: Sydney Seshibedi. 8/4/05. © ST.
A great cyclone of uncontrollable price hikes has already hit the Zimbabwean market as prices of basic commodities and other simple luxuries have increased threatening to wash away and murder the Easter holiday mood which was taking course.
The nation on Tuesday woke up to a loaf of unbuttered bread which is not accompanied by some teasing biscuits strapped on its plastic like yesteryear pegged at a staggering RTGS$3.5, a mood which will see many mothers resorting to home baked delicacies, (chimodho) instead.
The economy at large has taken a toll on the general populace which can neither complain and be heard by anyone who matters nor demonstrate in the streets for fear of death in the process.
The same $3.50 in yesteryears economy could buy a 2litter bottle of cooking oil and an Eversharp pen for change has been reduced to a few thin slices of transparent white or brown bread.
With the country’s annual inflation rate for the month of March, 2019  pushed to 66.80% Easter is eroded and reduced to a mere holiday of no concern really as the future looks bleaker by the day.
With the OK grand challenge underway, some products like Mazowe which had been wiped off the shelves have suddenly resurrected on promotion pegged at a staggering $7.79a few dollars cheaper than that being sold by small scale retailers.
Even the 300 ml bottled soft drinks, the old time favorite Coca Cola and Fanta are suddenly found their way to the chilled fridges in OK and pegged at $1.55.
Some of these products had become extinct on the supermarket streets but they are now re-emerging at a time where a few people will actually afford them.
The civil service was given a tease of an increment which one of the comrades has described as a ‘take home which won’t get you home’ and the prices in retaliation have also increased.
The Easter holiday as well as the Independence holiday has been reduced to a mere few days off work for the masses to meet up with their family members and really think hard on the future ahead of them with the current hardships bring experienced in the country.
The woes keep mounting especially with the three week long school holidays for for pupils and the also all sudden price hikes of school fees with most schools charging in USD, a move which will see many pupils transferring to more affordable schools.
As a result of all this April madness, there is nothing really to look forward to this holiday.