Government to introduce new system in transport sector

Government is set to introduce a new system aimed at curbing looting of fuel at government departments.
The system which also be used as a tracker was developed by Harare Institute of Technology.
Addressing delegates at the commissioning of Zimbabwe Passenger Company buses President Emmerson Mnangagwa said the system will be introduced in government institutions as well as at ZUPCO.
 “As you take the bus for fueling, the centre here will see you fuelling and the station will tell you how many litres you have taken and how many kilometers you take and as you travel on the road we will know where you are stopping, whether you are stopping at the correct places or not with the system and this system is an innovation by our own young boys and girls at the institute.
“This technology which has come,  it gives us possibility now as government to spread this technology to government systems, CMED. People were stealing fuel,  misuse of motor vehicles, it has now come to an end,” Mnangagwa said.
He said ZUPCO drivers as well as conductors will no longer hold cash as the system only uses cards.
“Now we are so grateful that a new system has been introduced by Harare Institute of Technology where all this malpractice is going to be eliminated. Those that were stealing will now become poor, they have introduced a system where the travelling public will buy a card, say $10 and it takes a second to go in. As it touches some appliance or platform, the centre here records that some money has come in so the bus driver never touches money, the bus conductor,  no money,” Mnangagwa said.
Mnangagwa said the system will be rolled out in the whole country within two months.
“I am happy that this technology is domestic . I have no doubt that once we have registered, we will be able to export it to other jurisdictions for earning of foreign currency. I have told the principal of HIT the innovation trials that they are making at HIT I assure you government will now support you in terms of resources.
“There is the young man that was demonstrating how this is is going to be used,  he has promised me that within two months it will be rolled out for the entire country. This issue of commuter omnibuses which were fueling anytime and fueling the black market will now  end.
“This system is a tap and go system,  fuel system,  you are monitored,  fuel consumption monitoring system, bus tracking system , automated route allocation and intelligent real time financial reporting,” he said.