Cabinet approves principles of Supreme Court Bill

Cabinet has approved the principles of Supreme Court amendment Bill in a move meant to align it with the constitution.
Addressing journalists during a post cabinet briefing, Minister of Information,  Publicity and Broadcasting Monica Mutsvangwa said the Bill seeks to address deficiencies in the existing Act

“Cabinet approved principles of Supreme Court amendment Bill as presented by the minister of Justice,  Legal and Parliamentary Affairs.
 “The amendments seek to address deficiencies in the existing Act and to align the legislation with the constitution if Zimbabwe Amendment (no 20), 2013,” Mutsvangwa said.
She said the Bill aims to incorporate provisions of the right to justice for all persons.
“In precise terms, the proposed amendment aim to incorporate provisions  of the right to access of justice to all  persons, ensuring that every person has right of access to the courts or some other tribunal or forum established law for the resolution of any dispute without any limitation, that all persons are equal before the law, expanding the scope to indicate that  the Supreme Court is the final court of appeal in Zimbabwe, except in matters over which the constitutional court has jurisdiction and the provision that  every person has a right access to courts and equal protection of the law,” Mutsvangwa said.
Cabinet also approved the establishment  of the constitutional court and rules to govern its operation.
Since 2013, the reference court has been operating without established rules and has been improvising.
According to the proposed laws, the constitutional will become the court tasked to deal with constitutional  questions while the supreme court would be the court of final appeal on all matters of law