Zvinavashes drag each other to court over inheritance squabbles


The late army general Vitalis Zvinavashe’s Tynwald plot has plunged his surviving family in squabbles which have seen his wife dragging his child in court over criminal allegations.

Margaret Zvinavashe (56) has dragged Richard Zvinavashe (50) her step son in court over allegations of domestic violence and unlawful entry.

Richard appeared before Mbare Magistrate Stanford Mambamje.

The prosecutor, Gangarahwe alleges that on January 13 and in the afternoon, Richard together with his friend Ellington Kanengoni broke into Margaret’s property as she is the occupant by virtue of a lifetime usufruct.

The court heard that he changed all the gate locks and house locks immediately occupying it.

it is alleged that firearms were eventually produced and pointed on the same day.

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