Under Fire PHD disowns financial statements


Self styled millionaire prophet, Walter Magaya’s Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) has demanded the serial number of the computer which was used to generate financial statements being used as evidence in court alleging that they were manipulated.

In a bid to prove their innocence, the company is trying to discredit a state witness from ZIMRA who handled the matter.

Magaya’s empire is crumbling around him as many of his establishments have been hauled before court for evading tax under the guise that they were getting money from donations.

Magaya allegedly realised close to USD$30 million from anointed products sales and did not pay tax.

While cross examining the witness,  who is a ZIMRA official Tinashe Madakadze, PHD denied having signed a letter to confirm that they have made sales saying the witness created the document to nail the church.

PHd lawyers are challenging Madakadze to table a proof that he indeed generated the sales from his computer at his office.

The church is being represented by one Nelson Marimo who in his defense said all the millions the church benefits are from tithes and offerings.

However, during trial on Tuesday, Marimo turned against the ZIMRA official whom he accused of manipulating financial statements and there was nothing like that in the PHD servers.

They also said there was nothing to show that the confirmation of sales were recovered from PHD computers, arguing that the state should have brought the computers to court.

Allegations against the church are that are that PHD failed to declare its earnings from sales of its varuius goods and and anointed products.

Upon investigations, Madakadze said he discovered that about US$28 million was realized and some of the money was transferred to Magaya and his wife Tendai Magaya’s personal bank accounts.

Another of Magaya’s church company Yadah Connect was also nabbed for failing to pay tax.

Regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya is hearing the trial matter.