Govt to launch buy local campaign

Government and Buy Zimbabwe are set to launch a buy local campaign aimed at reducing imports in the country.
In a press release,  Buy Zimbabwe said the campaign targets local consumers.
“Buy Zimbabwe and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce  and other stakeholders are set to roll up a national Buy Local Campaign running under the theme; ‘Reviving the Local Industry through stakeholder: Engagement, Awareness and Participation’.
“The campaign is set to raise awareness on the opportunities and benefits of Making and Buying Local,” Buy Zimbabwe said.
The campaign targets the public sector, the industry, and consumers. The Buy Local Campaign has been triggered by the need to address the major challenges of the economy which include an unsustainable trade deficit, a large increase in informal activities and poor living standards which have negatively impacted the livelihoods of Zimbabweans.
The campaign engages and sensitizes the public sector on the need to Buy Local with the key message being; ‘Local Preference: An Economic Growth Accelerator and an Effective Public Relations Builder’. The campaign also engages and sensitizes the industry on opportunities and benefits of Local Production and Local Procurement with the main message being ‘Make Local –Buy Local: Local Production, Local Jobs’.
The other targets are the consumers which comprise the employees and the students (next generation). The campaign highlights the socio-economic benefits of buying local, ie. informing the consumers that local consumption opens up opportunities for local jobs, sensitizing company employees that buying local saves jobs and lastly informing students that buying local builds a better future for them.
Buy Zimbabwe is a social enterprise at the forefront of advocating for a more viable, inclusive, sustainable and internally acceptable industry support system based on incentives for increased value chain based local procurement and disincentives for the continued importation of finished products and services. Buy Zimbabwe’s mandate is to promote, deepen and broaden the utilization of locally sourced and produced resources to yield quality and globally competitive Zimbabwean brands for sustainable economic growth.