Eight years behind bars for drug lords


Two men who were found in possession of 30 bags of marijuana weighing 710 kgs in Damafalls will each spend eight years behind bars after they were found guilty and convicted  of unlawfully dealing in dangerous drugs by a Harare Magistrate.

Alphonse Mushanawani and Brighton Dinda (both 28) were  each sentenced to 10 years in jail, two of which were suspended on condition of good behavior and eight effected by Harare magistrate Estere Chivasa .

The court heard that after the two were ambushed, Mushanawani – who was driving the vehicle tried to flee – prompting the police detectives to fire warning shots forcing him to stop. They were being represented by Admire Rubaya and Oliver Marwa.

Prosecutor Michael Reza proved his case before court.

During trial, Mushanawani accused some police detectives of working in cahoots with his rivals in the transport business in a bid to bring him down.

The police had received a tip-off that the two were in possession of mbanje.

They drove to Damafalls where they intercepted Mushanawani and Dinda while they were driving along a dust road.

The pair was arrested and 30 bags of mbanje were re- covered