Bread prices up


Bread prices have gone up to $3.50 from $2.30 amidst shortage of wheat.

The increase is the third this year and has left many consumers exposed as the new price was way above the purchasing power.

The increase comes as government employees began receiving their salaries that have am increase of RTGS $129 for a least paid worker.

Government decision to raise the producer price of wheat by about 70% to $1,089.69 last week has also contributed to the latest price of bread.

Industry and Commerce Minister Mangaliso Ndlovu recently said government was aware of the wheat shortages and payments were going to be made.

“We are quite aware of the critical and sensitive nature of the wheat situation. I had to make sure I meet the Reserve Bank Governor.

“What I can say at this very moment   is that we have agreed at this very moment is that we have agreed in principle that urgent payment has to be made,” Ndlovu said.

The new price comes as other basic commodities such as mealie meal also went up as well as cooking oil and meat.